Mixing Sale! $100

Our Mixing sale. Please make sure instruments and vocals are dry. Let us provide the magic! Please solo and render down each track and label what they are (for instance Bass, Drums, Guitar, Verses, Dubs, Stacks, Hook and so on for each track) This way we can add the stems into our software, they will line up with each other. Please put all labeled wav or mp3 tracks into a folder and email to us via www.wetransfer.com to info.sweetsoundsmastering@gmail.com

Our mixing services include FREE MASTERING! Free Pitch Correction or Auto Tune. Please allow up to 5 days to mix and master your song. Includes 2 revisions!

Single Song Mixing


Single Song Mixing


Includes free mastering and two revisions

Mastering Services

Our mastering services are industry standard and include: 


Multi Band EQ 


Program Compression

Tonal Balance

Dynamic Expansion

Stereo Enhancement 

Bass Management

Noise Reduction

Input Maximization

Output Maximization 


Peak Limiting 

Volume Leveling

Track Sequencing 

Mastering Reverb

​Fades (On Request Only)

Fully mastered song industry standered 

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering provides greater abilities to the mastering engineer to fix various mistakes and improve the overall sound by utilizing pre-rendered buses for drums, bass, vocals and accompanying instruments.

Stem Mastering


Stem Mastering


We will master each stem and mix together for a better sounding master. Limit one song. 

Free Mastering Samples

Send us your song and we will master a snippet and email back to you in 12 hours for free. Guaranteed!


How to send audio files?

Sending For Free Just Got Easier ☑️

Upload files to www.wetransfer.com